Once you receive your flowers, remove the outer papers, cellophane and tissue around the stems and place into a vase or vessel of fresh water.
Place your flowers out of direct sunlight, and away from any heat or cooling sources as this can cause your flowers to perish quicker.
Change the water and recut stems every 2-3 days and remove any flowers or stems that have perished.

Water filled Vox/Vases
There is no need to remove any gift wrapping/papers as your flowers are self-contained and all you have to do is keep the water level topped up every 2-3 days. DO NOT overfill.

Oasis Arrangements
Your flowers have been arranged in Oasis (or known as floral foam), and do not need to be removed from the box as the packaging is lined for waterproofing.  Please add water (approx ½ cup) every 2-3 days - good idea is to do this over the sink in case any water overflows.